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Need Better Wi-Fi Reach and Speed in Your Home? Get These World-Acclaimed Routers

by Carly English June 29, 2022
Need Better Wi-Fi Reach and Speed in Your Home? Get These World-Acclaimed Routers

If you have ever suffered the agony of sluggish internet, you know you would do anything to fix it. No matter how many tips and tricks you apply from YouTube, nothing seems to work. So, if you are experiencing problems such as limited connections and dropping signals in some parts of your home, it is time to change the router.

No matter how good a provider you have, the best internet experience ultimately boils down to your Wi-Fi router setup. Slow routers are unfortunately a common problem. Looking into a new one will make your  life at easier. So check out the Four Best Routers of 2022.

Overall Best – TP-Link Archer AX50

If you consider all the aspects of a router, from its performance to its price, the TP-Link Archer easily beats routers that cost twice as much. It can get signals across a medium-sized home with no trouble at all at a very reasonable price. It shows no signs of lag even under heavy use. It is the perfect option if you have a strong internet service plan.

Second Best – TP-Link Archer AX20

If you want to compromise on a few features for a lower price, try the TP-Link AX20. Even the looks are almost identical to the AX50, and it offers a connection that is nearly as reliable and strong as the latter. It is perfect if you have a small or medium-sized house.

Premium – Asus RT-AX88U

If the price does not matter to you, and all you want is unparalleled performance and premium features, the Asus RT-AX88U is undefeated. You should get the router if you have a gigabit network plan and no router seems to keep up with it. You will have reliable internet even in the corners of your home.  It is faster and more reliable than any other router on this list.

Budget – TP-Link Archer A8

If you are not looking for an upgrade but rather a replacement, you should look into the Archer A8. It provides a solid connection for a small house or multi-room apartment. It would slow down in the far corners of a medium-sized home but is dependable for the most part. It should be kept centrally in your home for best results. But despite all that, this router performed better than several others costing above $150.

Get one of the routers above and forget about lag or sluggish internet! Tell us in the comments below which one do you like and why?

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