Hoist Your Jeans in Style with The Best Belts for Men In 2022

by Carly English December 14, 2022
Hoist Your Jeans in Style with The Best Belts for Men In 2022

People get hyped about watches, shades, and other accessories, but one crucial accessory is often overlooked; belts. A belt can add a lot of personality, especially when wearing formal clothes. It can bring your look together paired with the right boots and a tie. Remember that a belt sits right in the middle of your outfit, so it is a good idea to spend some time choosing the right one. Check out the list we made below of the best belts that will add class to your look.

Ralph Lauren Distressed Leather Belt
We are starting with a phenomenal belt by the tried and tested Ralph Lauren. Something about the heavily distressed texture adds a sense of maturity and ruggedness to the outfit. The solid, single pronged brass buckle design looks appealing and gives a lot of personality to the belt.

Banana Republic Distressed Leather Belt
Most leather belts have an inherent problem; the holes are never perfectly placed for you. The Banana Republic belt solves this problem and maintains an immaculate style too. The D-rings allow you to tighten it perfectly according to your body. The burnished gold-tone buckle and distressed leather feel are nothing short of appealing.

Meganni Carbon Leather Belt
You rarely find a belt more dapper than the carbon leather belt by Meganni. The belt looks absolutely timeless because of the hand-burnished finish. The premium quality build makes it all the more worthwhile as it will become a hand-me-down that may last you generations before it retires.

Perry Ellis Portfolio Men’s Webbed Leather-Trim Belt
This belt combines comfort, style, and affordability in a simple and fun design. It has all the features you want in a good belt. It has a stylish silver prong buckle and comes in many different colors for your convenience. It is the most comfortable and versatile option on this list.

Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Leather Belt
We saved this last because a Ferragamo belt is a big deal to own. The belt exudes quality just by its look, and the silver accents add a sleek texture. Pair it with some black jeans and a leather jacket and get ready to be taken seriously. You can also flip it around to the brown side as it is reversible, giving you many more dazzling ways to pair it!

Like other accessories, belts vary significantly in price; not all are worth it. We hope the list above gave you some good options for belts to buy. Tell us in the comments below which one caught your eye.

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